Nanocellulose is a sustainable cellulose fibre that's naturally biodegradable and recyclable in Sappi Valida. Discover how in this FAQ.

What is Valida?

Valida is produced from cellulose, the most abundant organic material on Earth. Valida comprises highly fibrillated cellulose obtained by processing woodfibre down to the smallest fibre component. Dispersed in water, Valida forms a highly interconnected 3D network based on hydrogen bonding and mechanical entanglements. Learn more avout Valida with Sappi. 

What are Valida’s functional attributes?

Valida’s extensive 3D fibre network provides outstanding stabilising functionality. Particles like pigments or oil droplets can be suspended and stabilised in this network. This improves the dispersion of particles and stabilises oil-in-water emulsions.

As Valida is thixotropic (it becomes fluid when shaken or stirred), when a shear is applied, this network deforms. This enables the pumping and spraying of thick gels. As soon as the shear is removed, the network is rebuilt, and the viscosity is quickly recovered.

What applications can Valida be used for?

Valida’s versatile functionalities are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications and everyday products. These include biodegradable packaging, paints, coatings, adhesives, cosmetics and construction materials.

Valida reinforces materials such as films, paper board, moulded fibre products, and construction materials. When used as a rheology additive in liquid applications, Valida synergises with thickeners and boosts viscosity and stability.

A sustainable solution, combined with good hydrating properties, Valida is an excellent replacement for synthetic ingredients in personal care and homecare products.

Are there any application examples?

Valida is being commercially used in concrete, paints, adhesives, personal care products and many other applications. For more information about applications, please contact

Is Valida a thickener?

Valida works effectively as a co-thickener at a low dosage. When using Valida alone at a high dosage, Valida thickens challenging systems such as extreme pH systems, as well as systems with a high salt concentration.