Making print more eco-effective with OctoBoost

With innovation and ingenuity, we are making our business and yours more eco-effective—reducing waste, emissions and maximising material and resource use at every opportunity. 

We’re concerned about far more than our own eco-effectiveness. We care about the print companies that rely on our paper too. With OctoBoost, we engineered a software solution to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of print companies.    

Savings on the cloud 

On average, 25% of paper used by print companies is thrown away, often due to trim and make-ready waste. OctoBoost enables companies to cut this paper waste with a cloud-based, modular platform powered by Sappi. The technology delivers all sorts of other efficiencies that enable print companies to adapt and thrive in a digital world.   

Beyond software 

OctoBoost goes far beyond software. As CEO Anna Oñate explains, “We bring teams of people into your business, conducting a gap analysis to identify savings. We work hand in hand with printers themselves to deliver a full business solution.”    

Origin story

OctoBoost is a technology startup powered by Sappi whose core mission is to develop innovative digital solutions for the print industry. From their base in Amsterdam, OctoBoost first launched in Central Europe in 2018 and further rolled out to the Benelux and Nordic markets in 2019. It continues to expand while developing exciting new partnerships, including with Perfect Pattern GmbH, a Munich based company using artificial intelligence to optimise print production.