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We strive to introduce at least two paper packaging innovations per year. Coupled with our many decades of experience, this makes for an extensive product range. Use the filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.


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An uncoated paper for waxing.

One side double coated MGBK paper. Designed for embossed and white cigarette innerliner.

One side double-coated gloss paper with high stiffness. 

Leine Silk is a low-weight uncoated paper with and without reverse-side glazing, designed for a wide range of flexible packaging applications.

A coated sublimation paper for digital transfer printing with water-based dye sub inks. Designed for transfer to various polyester-based materials.

A paperboard (SBB) with full coated top- and light reverse side coating. It delivers ultimate quality consistency on the top side and new levels of colour brilliance through advanced ink lift on the reverse side.

One side single-coated high-gloss paper. Designed for various flexible packaging applications.

Uncoated paper with barrier coating on reverse side. Designed for various food and non-food flexible packaging applications.

One side double-coated gloss paper. Designed for dairy lidding applications.

One side single-coated semi-gloss label paper with good dimensional stability and rough back side. Designed for wet-strength wet-glue bottle labels and metallistaion bottle labels in the beverage industry, such as beer and soft drinks.

One side single coated silky or glossy paper with mineral oil barrier coating on reverse side. Designed for glued stand-up pouches, block-bottom bags for flakes, flour and rice as well as top-liner for corrugated transport boxes.

One side double-coated high-gloss label paper with smooth surface for excellent metallisation results. Designed for face stock of metallisation, self-adhesive label and hologram applications.