Printing for your Future; WorldSkills finalists define their relationship with paper

Brussels, 26 June 2013



WorldSkills 2013 will bring together 13 finalists to compete in the Print Media Technology category. Drawn to the trade by the love of machinery, graphic design or even parental influence, each finalist has his or her own personal relationship with paper. Sappi Fine Paper Europe is committed to supporting young printers and has taken the time to meet some of the European competitors


Martin Bachmayer: Austria

For me, when I think of paper, I think of colour. If paper ceased to exist as a medium, I would really miss photographs which evoke so many memories. Paper and printing have always been part of my life. My father was a printer and so I am following in his footsteps. As I said, colour is something that I am quite passionate about; and colour management in the printing process gives me great satisfaction. Martin participated in the local Skills competition in Austria and as a winner has qualified for the International WorldSkills competition.

Elena Singer: Germany

When I think of paper, I think of books and colour. For me, a world without paper would be impossible. I still want to be able to read printed books and printed newspapers, and hold them in my hands. And there is no doubt that we will always need handkerchiefs and tissues…I would really miss my passport which holds many memories for me. As a young girl, I was always amazed by my father’s printing skills and I think that is what attracted me to the industry. The first time that I heard about WorldSkills was through my school and the project that I had to carry out in the first round of the competition is the one that has given me the most satisfaction.

Guillaume-Philippe Dujacquier: Belgium

When I think of paper I immediately think of printing, letters, wrapping, advertising, as well as newspapers. I couldn’t imagine a world without paper – I would really miss my comic books and magazines. I love the creative side of printing. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I get great satisfaction from my work. Using a 4 colour pantone was a real highlight for me. I heard of WorldSkills for the first time throughout my teacher. I love challenges so took it on and am very excited to be going to Leipzig in a few weeks time!

Anthony Fluhr: France

I have an eye for detail, and this is one of the reasons I was attracted to the world of printing.  I get a great sense of satisfaction in being able to use big printing machines, to produce very precise results.  When I think of paper, I think of touch; the ability to feel the texture and the quality of the paper. In a world without paper I would really miss magazines – reading them via the Internet is just not the same. The WorldSkills competition was first brought to my attention by my teacher in school, who has become my mentor throughout the process. Completing the first stage in the competition has given me the most fulfilment to date


Pasi Kuusikko: Finland

“The colour white, and paper cuts!” These are the first things that come to mind when I think of paper. It’s difficult to imagine a world without paper, everything would have to electronic, especially newspapers and books. I would miss posters and magazines the most.  was inspired to get involved in WorldSkills by one of my classmates. He competed at European level and told me all about his experiences. It made me want to get involved, and to challenge my printing ability. Competing at national level gave me huge satisfaction so I am really looking forward to Leipzig!


If you would like photographs of the finalists, please visit:

(Skill Name: 11. Print Media Technology)

 The 13 Finalists in the Print Media Technology Category are:

·         Martin Backmayer - Austria

·         Guillaume-Philippe Dujacquier - Belgium

·         Lucas Cardoso - Brazil

·         Marissa Halter - Canada

·         Dongdong Wang - China

·         Jens Martinsen - Denmark

·         Kevin-Gregori Kubjas - Estonia

·         Pasi Kuusikko - Finland

·         Anthony Fluhr - France

·         Elena Singer - Germany

·         Marino Tanimoto - Japan

·         Andrea Selina Schmidheiny - Switzerland

·         Heather Ashe - USA


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Sappi Fine Paper Europe has been nominated as Skill Partner in the ‘Print Media Technology’ Skills Competition during WorldSkills 2013 (2nd-7th July).