Printers in the 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year excel once again

Printers from the Sappi Trading region have again achieved outstanding results in 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year awards. They won ten out of eleven gold awards with additional twenty silver and twenty-nine bronze awards! This means that Sappi Trading stands a very good chance of once again bringing home Elephant-trophies from the Sappi International Printers of the Year awards.

Held every two years, the awards programme is part of the global Sappi International Printers of the Year awards, which is focused on raising the bar of print excellence by recognising exceptional printing done on the group’s range of fine paper. Sappi is a global leader in pulp, paper and chemical cellulose solutions.


Awards are made to printers from the four Sappi Trading regions (Asia, Australasia, Central and South America) in eleven categories: Annual Reports, Books, Brochures, Calendars, Catalogues, Digital Print, Magazines - Sheetfed and Magazines - Web, Packaging and Labels, General Print and Printer’s Own Promotion. Entries are awarded bronze, silver and gold, with the gold winners invited to compete in their respective categories against the best printers from North America, Europe and South Africa in the Sappi International Printers of the Year awards.


Entries are judged by an independent external panel of five judges, who represent the leaders in the printing industry in their respective countries. The 2012 panel comprised of Kai Hagenbuch from Brazil, Giuseppe Meana from Italy, Bernhard Nahm from Germany, Michael Seidl from Austria and Ronald Widdershoven from the Netherlands. Commenting on the entries in the catalogues category, judge Michael Seidl said how impressive it was to see “printing houses making full use of different varnishing and enhancing techniques as well as different technologies, including digital printing.”


Each entry is assigned a unique number to ensure impartiality and anonymity throughout the judging process, and winners are only identified once the awards have been allocated. Entries are judged on technical excellence, overall appearance, quality of the finishing and the general difficulty of the print job, as well as factors like special treatment. But none of these are judged in isolation. It is how these elements are combined that defines a print work and elevates an ordinary work into an extraordinary piece of craftsmanship.


As Wayne Rau, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Trading points out: “Every day our paper products enhance the lives of millions of people all over the world. Books and magazines are much more than content – they are an entertainment experience which totally engages the customer’s senses. While machines and technology have made printing processes easier and faster, printing is still very much a craft, driven by the skill and passion of the individual. And Sappi’s range of coated fine papers is the ideal medium on which to demonstrate that skill and passion.”

“In 2010, three printers from our Trading region – gold winners in each category –  were honoured with the coveted Elephant-trophy at the Sappi International Printers of the Year awards, proving that the print from our regions measure up very well against the best of the best worldwide,” adds Rau. The elephant symbolises Sappi’s South African heritage as well as the qualities of strength and courage. “It takes courage and strength to be judged by objective parties and to be benchmarked against one’s peers,” said Rau.


Rau congratulated the printers from the Trading region saying, “Awards such as these celebrate the achievements of the past two years, but they also point the way forward into the future. They do so by establishing a standard of excellence which others will strive to meet – that’s how we continue to raise the bar of excellence in our industry. The winners in the 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year awards have set new standards of exceptional quality in print. We are proud to recognise and honour their achievements and we wish the gold winners the very best of luck in going forward to compete in the Sappi International Printers of the Year awards.”


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About Sappi Limited

A global leader in paper, paper pulp and chemical cellulose solutions, Sappi Limited (JSE, NYSE), is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa and has over 14,900 employees as well as manufacturing operations on four continents in nine countries and sales offices in 50 countries including those of Sappi Trading. With head offices in Hong Kong, Sappi Trading operates a trading network for the international sales and distribution of the company’s products outside their core operation regions.


Sappi works closely with customers, both direct and indirect, in over 100 countries to provide them with relevant and sustainable paper, paper-pulp and chemical cellulose products and related services and innovations. Our market-leading range of paper-products includes: coated fine papers used by printers, publishers and corporate end-users in the production of books, brochures, magazines, catalogues, direct mail and many other print applications; casting release papers used by suppliers to the fashion, textiles, automobile and household industries; and in our Southern African region newsprint, uncoated graphic and business papers, premium quality packaging papers, paper grade pulp and chemical cellulose.


Our chemical cellulose products are used worldwide by converters to create viscose fibre, acetate tow, pharmaceutical products as well as a wide range of consumer products. The pulp needed for our products is either produced within Sappi or bought from accredited suppliers. Across the group, Sappi is close to ‘pulp neutral’, meaning that we sell almost as much pulp as we buy.

About the 2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year award winners – Trading region

Gold winners in the eleven categories are:

Category    ​Region    ​Printer    ​Entry
​Annual Reports    ​South America    ​Fyrmagráfica    ​Memoria TVN
​Books    ​Asia    ​Everbest Printing Co Ltd    ​Walking In The Light
​Brochures    ​Asia    ​Red & Blue Color Printing Co Ltd    ​Mercedes-Benz (The SLS AMG)
​Catalogues    ​Central America    ​Grupo Gráfico Romo    ​Andrea 38 Aniversario
​Digital Print    ​Asia    ​Thomson Press (India) Limited    ​Photo Book Hard Case
​General Print    ​Asia    ​Colorprint Offset    ​Extravagant Simplicity
​Magazines -
Sheetfed    ​Asia    ​Percetakan Zanders Sdn Bhd    ​GMT Malaysia Edition 2011 issue
​Magazines -
Web    ​​Central America    ​Offset Multicolor    ​Tiempo de Relojes 178"
​Packaging and Labels    Asia​    ​Pragati Pack    ​Black Dog 21 Years-Monocarton
​Printer's Own Promotion    ​Australasia    ​Offset Alpine    ​Offset Alpine Printing - Capabilities+

Silver winners in the eleven categories are:

​Category    ​Region    ​Printer    ​Entry
​Annual Reports    ​South America    ​Impresora Ograma    ​Memoria Almendral
​Books    ​Asia    ​Leo Paper Products Limited    ​Thomas the Tank Engine
​Books    ​Central America    ​Grupo Gráfico Romo    ​Jorge Marin Alas de la Ciudad
​Books    ​South America    ​Impresora Ograma    ​Halcones
​Brochures    ​Asia    ​Dongguan Yinxin Printing Factory    ​GZIPP-10th <2010-2011>
​Brochures    ​Australasia    ​Bluestar Print    ​Lattitude South Cronulla
​Brochures    ​Central America    ​Litoprocess    ​Invocaciones - Adolfo Pérez Butrón
​Brochures    ​​South America    ​Fyrmagráfica    ​Minería del Futuro
​Calendars    ​South America    ​Gráfica Facform Impressos Ltda    ​Calendário Renato Filho 2011
​Catalogues    ​Asia    ​C&C Joint Printing Co, (Guangdong) Ltd    ​Longines
​Catalogues    ​Central America    ​Offset Multicolor    ​Catálogo 2011 La Europea
​Digital Print    ​Asia    ​Metromedia Technologies Sdn Bhd    ​My European Escapade
​Magazines -
Sheetfed    ​Asia    ​Interprint Prepress Service    ​Vogue 100
​​Magazines -
Sheetfed    ​Central America    ​Litoprocess    ​Horloger - La Revista de Alta Relojería
​Magazines -
Web    ​​Asia    ​Toppan Printing Co HK Ltd    ​Cosmopolitan HK Edition No 324 - Beauty & Health
​Magazines -
Web    ​Australasia    ​Offset Alpine    ​Vogue Australia December 2011
​Magazines -
Web    ​​Central America    ​Printer Colombiana    ​Summus N° 14
​Packaging and Labels    South America    ​Gráfica Facform Impressos Ltda    ​Embalagem Galo Da Madrugada
​Printer's Own Promotion    ​Asia    ​Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd    ​Pragati Wall Calendar 2010
​Printer's Own Promotion    ​South America    ​Gráfica Facform Impressos Ltda    ​Kit Promocional Facform 2012 (Lembranças)


Bronze winners in the eleven categories are:

Category    ​Region    ​Printer    ​Entry
​Annual Reports    ​Asia    ​Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd    ​HIKAL Limited - Annual Report 2010
​Annual Reports    ​Australasia    ​Platypus Graphics    ​Brisbane Girls Grammar School
​Annual Reports    ​South America    ​World Color    ​Memoria Hites
​Books    ​Asia    ​Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd    ​One Eyeland Book - Vol 1
​Books    ​Australasia    ​Sydney Allen    ​Body Of Work - Collections 1,2,3
​Books    ​Central America    ​Imprenta Mariscal    ​Africa - Anamaría Chediak
​Books    ​South America    ​Fyrmagráfica    ​Valparaiso
​Brochures    ​Asia    ​San Sing Tang Graphic Design    ​Singing along the Path (Creative Photography by Timothy Huang)
​Brochures    ​Central America    ​Foli de México    ​Infinity Gama 2012
​Brochures    ​South America    ​Impresora Ograma    ​Revista Trace
​Calendars    ​Asia    ​Pragati Offset Pvt Ltd    ​IFF Senses - 2011 Table Calendar
​Calendars    ​Australasia    ​Sydney Allen    ​Body Of Work - All Seasons Calendar
​Calendars    ​Central America    ​Foli de México    ​Calendario 2011 Naturaleza Mexicana
​Catalogues    ​Asia    ​Color Printing Co Ltd    ​Audi A5 Coupe
​Catalogues    ​Central America    ​Litoprocess    ​Regala 2011
​Catalogues    ​​South America    ​Salviat Impresores    ​Casa Barros
​General Print    ​Asia    ​China Color Printing Co Ltd    ​Stamp Yearbook 2010
​​General Print    ​Australasia    ​Platypus Graphics    ​ITAS - Consulting
​​General Print    ​Central America    ​Modifica & JE    ​Drive - Citi Beyond
​​General Print    ​South America    ​Gráfica Facform Impressos Ltda    ​Cartaz Invicto
​Magazines -
Sheetfed    ​Asia    ​Pt Printindo Utama    ​Time Place
​Magazines -
Sheetfed    ​Australasia    ​Scott Print    ​Scoop - Edition No 58
​Magazines -
Sheetfed    ​Central America    ​Print Studio    ​RARA
​Magazines -
Web    ​​Asia    ​Manipal Press Ltd    ​Vogue India (Edition Dec 2011)
​Magazines -
Web    ​Australasia    ​Webstar    ​Transfer - Snowboard Magazine May/June 2011
​Magazines -
Web    ​Central America    ​Reproducciones Fotomecánicas    ​Quien #224
​​Printer's Own Promotion    Asia​    ​Pt Printindo Utama    ​Calendar 2012
​Printer's Own Promotion    Central America    ​Industria Gráfica Cimagraf    ​Despierta tus sentidos
​​Printer's Own Promotion    ​South America    ​Artica    ​Calendario Artica

2012 Sappi Trading Printers of the Year - Jury

Mr Kai Hagenbuch (Publisher, PrintCom Brazil/PrintCom Latina)    

Kai Hagenbuch, a graduate of the University of Mannheim, holds a degree in Business Administration. He began his career at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen in Heidelberg, Germany, where he worked as Sales Supervisor. He then moved to Brazil, where he worked progressively at Gutenberg, as Sales Manager and Sales Director; Heidelberg do Brasil, as President; and Graficos Burti as Executive Vice President.

Since 2000, he has been Publisher at PrintCom Brasil/PrintCom Latina. He was a judge at ABFlexo in 2004 and the HP Digital Printing contest in May 2010.

Mr Giuseppe Meana (President and Managing Director, Cartografica Pusterla, Italy)

Giuseppe Meana is a graduate of the Polytechnic of Milan, where he obtained a degree in Architecture. As well as holding the position of President and Managing Director Cartografica Pusterla, Italy, he is also President of Pusterla 1880 France sas and a member of the board of directors of COMIECO (Consortium for Paper and Cardboard Recovery and Recycling).

Mr Meana is President of the Foundation House Velini-Tradate, a charity which aims to help the elderly; he is also an active member of the ASSOGRAFICI council, the Italian Institute of Packaging Council, the ENIPG (National Agency for Graphical Professional Training) Council and the GIFASP (Italian Group Manufacturers of folded boxes) Council.

Mr Bernhard Nahm (Member of Heidelberg‘s Print Media Centre Management Board, Germany)

Bernhard Nahm began his career in the graphic arts industry as an apprentice offset printer at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. He worked as a printing instructor at the company's Print Media Centre (PMC) before studying Graphic Art Technologies at the Hochschule für Druck & Medien in Stuttgart, earning a Master’s degree in that subject.

He subsequently rejoined Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, in the product management group for Direct Imaging technologies. He then moved to the PMC, initially as a project engineer, and has been a member of the management team of the PMC since 2001, in charge of personnel and organizational development.

Mr Michael Seidl (Managing Director, Print & Publishing International Verlag GmbH, Austria)

Michael Seidl is a graduate of the Graphic Arts Institute in Vienna. He has worked in the publishing industry for over 25 years in various functions, and in particular for print and packaging magazines. He founded the PRINT & PUBLISHING group in 1990 and worked to expand the group’s business in Central and Eastern Europe.

He introduced both Graphic Arts and packaging magazines in these markets. Mr Seidl is a well-known and respected publisher and trade press journalist. He has participated in juries for several different awards, and has also organised awards in the printing and packaging industry.

Mr Ronald Widdershoven (Advisory Board Member STIVAKO, the Netherlands)    

Ronald Widdershoven is a graduate of the Dutch High School of Graphic Arts. Over a career of 43 years, he has worked for several printers, a publishing company, a paper wholesaler and a bookbinder. He spent 17 years of his working career as a director at Hexspoor Bindery, one of the biggest bookbinding companies in the Netherlands. He is currently a member of the advisory board of STIVAKO (foundation for the education of middle management in the Graphical Industry).

In 2006, Mr Widdershoven was a juror for the 'Best designed books from all over the World' competition in Leipzig, Germany. He volunteers as a senior expert for the Printing, Paper and Board sections of the PUM foundation, which helps companies in developing countries to improve technical, commercial and management skills in many types of businesses.


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