Planet Positive: a new magazine from Sappi Europe

We're a company with a bold purpose: to create a thriving world by unlocking the power of renewable resources to benefit people, communities and the planet. This magazine launched in 2022 is a testament to Sappi's progress on this journey in Europe. It's not a report, it's our story with an invitation to join us.

Sustainability is at the very core of Sappi operations, and this magazine shows it. The content inside vividly illustrates our planet+ actions that are unlocking more value and purpose from every tree, by-product and other resource we use.

It reveals how we're championing sustainable forestry to keep forestland forested, while showcasing the ingenuity at work in our mills to reduce waste and optimise resource use as part of Europe's growing circular economy. 

Realising these promises requires an ambitious commitment to sustainable forestry and a willingness to break new ground and challenge convention in the search for sustainable products and solutions. This magazine shows that we have the aptitude and attitude to deliver.

We're excited to be on this journey with you our customers and many partners across the value chain, from landowners to governments and NGOs. Because only by acting together can we fully unlock the power of trees to create a thriving world.

A version in German is coming soon!