An inspired sustainability team in North America

Our goal is to be a great place to work where all people are inspired in their role and empowered to grow to their full potential.

We have a tremendous sustainability team in North America, enabling us to unlock the power of renewable resources to meet the needs of the planet and people in ways that seed prosperity for all.

Our fearless-female team is led by Beth Cormier, Vice President of Research, Development and Sustainability alongside Rebecca Barnard, Manager of Forestry Certification, and Lynne Palmer, Manager of Packaging Product Stewardship. What sets this team apart is their shared commitment to a science-based approach to sustainability, a collaborative spirit and a real passion for getting things done.

Get to know the team

Beth sees her role as “the knitter, pulling in the threads of all the good work of others” to create a holistic approach to sustainability. “I'm always struck by the strong culture at Sappi, how so many people throughout the organisation really ‘own’ their part in our sustainability journey. I’m working to build on this spirit.” 

This focus achieves far more than making Sappi more eco-effective. “Our sustainability strategy puts us in line with the needs of our customers”, explains Rebecca. “And creates an edge for us in the market.”

Lynne, a chemical engineer by training and a long-term employee at our Technology Center, has broad experience in papermaking, product development and anticipating the needs of our customers. Today, she works both up and down the supply chain to ensure that Sappi North America’s food packaging products meet stringent governmental food safety regulations and customer expectations for product safety. What does that have to do with sustainability? Everything.