​Our strategic vision for Sappi Dissolving Wood Pulp

Sappi Dissolving Wood Pulp (SDWP) with its vision of ongoing growth through a differentiated offering has a key role to play in Sappi’s global 2020Vision, which sets our targets for the medium term as a diversified woodfibre group.

SDWP is a key contributor to Sappi’s success with dissolving wood pulp (DWP) accounting for 20% of Sappi's total sales in FY2017.

As we develop as ‘One Sappi’ in line with our evolving strategic vision, we expect continued growth in the demand for DWP, signalling positive long-term market prospects for both DWP and the company. Our competitive cost position provides us with the platform to build the business further with our key strategic partners, while providing our customers with unmatched quality, consistency and scale.

For this reason, we continue to invest in product innovation on a global level. In FY2017, our research and development spend was US$29.5 million across worldclass Centres of Excellence in North America, Europe and South Africa.

We expect this strategy to underpin our enduring success in DWP – facilitating growth while maximising returns for our investors.

Renewable resources for a sustainable future
The raw materials we use in the production of DWP are entirely renewable – comprising hardwood from responsibly managed local plantations at our South African mills, and mixed northern hardwoods at the Cloquet Mill in North America.

This isn’t just sustainably sound, environmentally friendly practice, it’s also great for business. Our investment in low-cost renewable raw materials is a key growth driver and strategic resource allowing us to secure our margins in competitive markets such as DWP.

Each of our mills is equally committed to the preservation and protection of local communities and to its natural resources. The development of our people and consideration for the environment are key facets in our business strategy as well as drivers of our continued success.

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See for yourself why we’re the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of dissolving wood pulp (DWP). Our DWP is the market leader as a raw material for viscose and lyocell.

Find out more about the mills where Sappi Dissolving Wood Pulp produces DWP in Southern Africa and North America.

New developments in wood processing supports the move to a biobased economy that utilises materials that are renewable and biodegradable and that do not compete with food sources.

Sappi is focusing on green energy generation in line with our strategic focus to derive value from energy opportunities and in light of sustainability and efficiency drivers.

Technology is at the heart of our business – discover how we’re making breakthroughs and discoveries that enrich lives.