​​Our Holistic View

Sappi approaches the environmental impact of our industry from a holistic perspective grounded in life-cycle thinking, from procurement of raw materials and energy through manufacturing, use and the next life of our products. We understand that our sphere of influence extends beyond our mill gates. We work collaboratively across the supply chain to share best practices and drive meaningful change.

There is a growing recognition among designers, businesses and consumers that we must move away from a linear “take, make, waste” model of consumption where we extract materials, produce things and discard products to landfills. We are now embracing circular economy models, which by design are restorative and regenerative. Done properly, the final result is a system in which material streams are efficiently managed and recycled. The benefits of this holistic approach are clear, resulting in less waste, lower costs and reduced environmental impact.

The pulp and paper industry is circular by nature, producing recyclable products made from renewable resources that are manufactured using renewable energy.


At Sappi, we believe it is important to engage our partners along the paper and print supply chain to develop a broader understanding of the impacts of choices made in the design and production of printed pieces.

Life cycle science provides methods for analyzing our processes, understanding our impacts and identifying opportunities for continuous improvement. Learn more about the complex, interconnected world of paper using this instructional diagram.