​Our dissolving wood pulp mills

Our production of dissolving wood pulp (DWP) is split between our mills at Saiccor (South Africa), Ngodwana (South Africa) and Cloquet (United States of America). Combined, these three mills can produce 1.4 million tons of DWP per annum, accounting for 16% of global demand.

Saiccor Mill
Saiccor Mill is situated 50 km south of the port of Durban in Umkomaas, a small town in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. With a capacity of 800,000 tons per annum of sulphite DWP, it is the world’s single largest manufacturing site for DWP.

It also has a long history in DWP production, going back more than 60 years to 1955. Sappi hasn't owned the site for quite that long, but since acquiring the mill in 1989, Saiccor Mill has played a key role in establishing Sappi as the global market leader in DWP.

We achieve this high manufacturing throughput in sustainable style, too – the hardwood woodfibre (Eucalyptus and Acacia) we use in production comes from local, responsibly managed plantations.

Saiccor Mill
Ngodwana Mill

Ngodwana Mill
Ngodwana Mill started producing DWP for global markets in 2013. Its current capacity is 250,000 tons per annum of prehydrolysed kraft DWP.

We produce our DWP at Ngodwana Mill from 100% eucalyptus hardwood, sustainably sourced from suppliers near the mill in the province of Mpumalanga.

A fully integrated kraft mill, in addition to DWP the mill produces paper grade pulp for its own consumption, newsprint and containerboard.

Cloquet Mill
Cloquet Mill started delivering DWP to the market in 2013 following the conversion of its kraft pulp facility—over a century after the original mill opened on the banks of the St Louis River in Minnesota in 1898.

It now has the capability to produce 340,000 tons of kraft DWP per annum, sourced from mixed northern hardwoods; mainly aspen and maple.

Alongside DWP production, the mill also specialises in coated woodfree graphic paper and bleached chemical pulp.

Cloquet Mill

See for yourself why we’re the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of dissolving wood pulp (DWP). Our DWP is the market leader as a raw material for viscose and lyocell.

Our strategic vision for Sappi Dissolving Wood Pulp is to grow through differentiation.

Saiccor Mill produces elemental chlorine free (ECF) dissolving wood pulp (DWP) mostly for the export market.

Ngodwana Mill produces pulp for own and for market consumption, as well as newsprint, containerboard and dissolving wood pulp (DWP).

Located on the banks of the St Louis River since 1898, our Cloquet Mill, in addition to dissolving wood pulp (DWP), also produces some of our most requested printing papers.

Lignosulphonate is a highly soluble lignin derivative and a product of the sulphite pulping process.

Sappi’s patented process, developed with Edinburgh Napier University, reduces the energy required to process woodfibres into nanocellulose thus enhancing our product’s sustainability.

Sappi Forests owns or leases 379,000 ha with approximately 27.5 million tons of standing timber. Contracted supply comprises a further 129,000 ha.