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Our customers want to know that they are specifying products from a responsible company. While each of our business units has a unique value chain, all are held accountable by their management, their clients and the general public.

We support our customers by being transparent and forthright in our environmental practices and through our educational communications. Each year we invest significant resources in customer communications in order to increase brand awareness and further secure customer loyalty.

Buyers want to know they are working with reputable suppliers, eliminating risk from their supply chain. In addition to quality products and services, we are delivering peace of mind to our pulp and paper customers.

The sustainability training and educational information we offer is unparalleled in our industry. Our customers’ appreciation for detailed information has prompted us to broaden our educational and consultative services. In addition to printed publications, we offer seminars, webinars, training workshops, technical roundtable sessions and more.

Beyond environmental issues, Sappi has long lead the industry in providing information about the power of print and the unique advantages of working with paper. New technologies, industry issues, graphic trends and creative demands are factored into our R&D effort, product enhancements and new product introductions.

Sustainability Resources
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Education Training & Consulting
Sappi etc offers customers a wealth of useful information and services.
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