Sustainability in North America

Our commitment to create and protect stakeholder value over the long term demands that we focus on the prosperity of our business, the health and wellness of our people and the protection of the natural resources of our planet by operating in an environmentally sound way.

Sustainability is not just a business philosophy at Sappi North America. It permeates our corporate structure with formal responsibilities and defined goals; with accountability demanded from each of our four business units and every part of our operations.

Our financial success builds from our 2020Vision, the quality of our assets, focused R&D and key partnerships.

At Sappi, our sustainability efforts extend well beyond compliance with environmental regulations.

We strive to be a responsible and valued partner with customers, employees and in our local communities.

Our sustainability strategy is led by strong corporate governance, five year goals and clear policy statements.

Our resource hub has certification and product safety info, white papers, info-graphics and a recycling logo library.

Using the power of good design to solve environmental and social problems.

Sustainability in other regions

The principles of responsible corporate citizenship underpin our business decisions, strategies and processes and are incorporated into our everyday operations.

At Sappi Europe, we have chosen to be eco-effective, integrating the way we do business with our approach to the environment.

Sustainability is the driving force in every decision we make as a company.