Sustainability in Europe

Sustainable development is a necessity and starts with all of us. At Sappi Europe, we have chosen to be eco-effective, integrating the way we do business with our approach to the environment.

This means we are effective in an efficient way, reaching our goals and objectives with optimised impact. This is how we function both as people, and as a company.

I care. You care. We care.
Sappi. Eco. Effective

Our sustainability strategy is led by strong corporate governance, five year goals and clear policy statements.

Our management systems combine safety, health, environment and quality. Our certifications are official and independent certification schemes.

Every eco-effective action, makes a difference. The collection of stories that we have compiled show how this can be done

Facts and performance data you need to know about our company from a sustainability perspective.

​Learn more about the common terms used when talking about sustainable development, greenhouse gases, and forestry.
There are many misconceptions about the sustainability of print media. It’s difficult to know what is a fact, or a common myth.

Sustainability in other regions

The principles of responsible corporate citizenship underpin our business decisions, strategies and processes and are incorporated into our everyday operations.

Sustainability is the driving force in every decision we make as a company.

Learn more about our operations and key sustainability issues in North America.