Stockstadt Mill

Stockstadt Mill produces up to 220,000 tons of paper per annum – primarily used to create high-quality calendars, picture and art books.

Stockstadt am Main in Bavaria, Germany, is home to the chemical pulp and paper mill Sappi Stockstadt GmbH, one of seven Sappi Europe paper mills across the continent.

Sappi Stockstadt Mill was founded in 1898 as a chemical pulp mill and is one of the largest employers in the Untermain region in Bavaria. Paper machine 1 was put into operation in 1963, paper machine 2 in 1970 and the coating machine in the early 1990s. Our paper is used for the production of high-quality calendars, picture and art books, amongst other items. 2020 paper machine 2 was put out of operation.

In addition to measures to improve environmental performance, our company policies also focus on optimising our quality and service processes, as well as increasing the efficiency of our plants. The ideas and suggestions from our workforce and their work are therefore instrumental for the continuous improvement of our production processes and product quality.


Delivery address:
Aschaffenburger Straße, Tor 3
63811 Stockstadt
Postal address:
Obernburger Strasse 1-9
63811 Stockstadt
Registergericht Amtsgericht Aschaffenburg - HRB 8118 | Gesellschaftssitz Stockstadt | Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats Marco Eikelenboom | Geschäftsführer Christian Dietershagen
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Careers at Sappi Stockstadt Mill

Your opportunities

Looking for a new challenge? Sappi Stockstadt Mill offers various opportunities both at entry-level and for experienced specialists.

If you have any questions about the application process, please do not hesitate to contact our Human Resources Department. Please contact us at 

What to expect as a future employee:

  • Our employees have a wide range of benefits – including an attractive pension.
  • Work safety and health (work sports groups, measures for maintaining good health) are highly valued by us.
  • Sappi engages with the community by promoting local teams and co-operating with schools and regional representatives.

Training placements

As a large company, we offer successful vocational training at an external training centre and in our high-tech production and the technical environment by our own qualified trainers.

As a major training provider in the region, we offer apprenticeships for the following professions:

  • Electronic technician for operating technology
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Machine and plant operator
  • Paper technologist
  • Specialist for wastewater technology
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Industrial clerk

Internships are also available at our mill, and they provide a first impression of the respective profession and the work involved.

If interested, we will be happy to arrange an internship placement.

Your contact partner is our Training and Further Education Advisor, Petra Morscheidt (, Tel: +49 (0)6027 42 0281.


Our vacancies

Our community, environment and sustainability


Sappi Stockstadt Mill was already part of Stockstadt, but as the mill that was far removed from the community. Today, our mill is at the centre of Stockstadt and is, and always has been, a key employer, not just in Stockstadt but across the Untermain region in Bavaria. We act responsibly to reduce our impact on the environment and strengthen and support the further development of our employees.

By co-operating with schools and nurseries and providing information about the factory through tours, for example, we play an active part in our community:

  • We regularly participate in various training fairs in the Untermain region of Bavaria and inform people about the vocational training and career opportunities at Sappi. For example, we take part in the Berufswegekompass ('Career Paths Compass') scheme in Aschaffenburg.
  • We also co-operate with the Aschaffenburg University of Applied Sciences.

Environment and sustainability

All of the Sappi corporate group is committed through its company policies to act sustainably and contribute towards protecting the environment. We ensure that:

  • Our wood raw material comes from sustainably cultivated forests, primarily from the local area
  • We are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels
  • We are increasing our energy efficiency
  • Our emissions are continuously reduced, and
  • We are using raw materials, energy and water in a sustainable manner.


Sappi Stockstadt Mill observes official and independent standards. We work in accordance with the requirements of DIN ISO 9001 (quality management), 14001 (environmental management), 50001 (energy management), EMAS and OHSAS 18001 (occupational safety).

By participating in the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), we have been recognised as an organisation with an environmental record that goes beyond the minimum regulatory requirements, which continuously improves its environmental performance and operates with full transparency.

The forests which we source our wood from are certified in accordance with FSC™- or PEFC standards for sustainable forestry, or are cultivated in a controlled manner.