Sappi Biotech’s lignin activities date back almost 100 years, and today we have operations in Europe and South Africa.

The usefulness of commercial lignosulphonate products is based on their various properties:

  • Binding: A very effective and economical adhesive, acting as a binding agent or ‘glue’ in pellets or compressed materials  
  • Dispersing: Prevents the clumping and settling of undissolved particles in suspensions. By attaching to the particle surface, lignosulphonate keeps the particle from being attracted to other particles and reduces the amount of water or dilution needed to use the product effectively
  • Emulsifying: Stabilises emulsions of liquids like oil and water which do not form a homogenous mixture when added together, making them highly resistant to separating, and
  • Sequestration: Ties up metal ions, preventing them from reacting with other compounds and becoming insoluble. Metal ions sequestered with lignosulphonate stay dissolved in solution, keeping them available to plants and preventing scaly deposits in water systems.
Lignex acts as a surfactant and binder to ensure that unsealed (gravel) roads remain stable and dust-free.
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Lignex is used in a variety of industries and applications in the mining sector, agricultural sector, fruit orchards and packhouses as well as the forestry sector.
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Working with application experts, we have embarked on a programme to characterise the different lignin sources in Sappi and to identify new market opportunities.
Louis Kruyshaar, Executive Vice President of Sappi Biotech