​Scott Santoro

Take a role in educating the non-profit about the design process

Scott Santoro

2007 Grant Recipient
2009 Judge

Scott’s project for the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault won an Ideas that Matter grant in 2007 which helped to bring visual integrity to the Alliance’s communication materials. With the knowledge of what design, printed properly, can do for them, the Alliance has remained strong and committed to their communications outreach.

“Having graphic design built into a non-profit organization helps legitimize the organization in its community. Yet many non-profit directors don’t understand the effect. They might only see design as producing something slick. But designers know that a consistent voice and message is loaded with meaning for the viewer. First off, it means the organization cares about their communications with each person. Second, a design that efficiently conveys information means that the organization knows how to tap the resources that exist in the business community. My satisfaction with my non-profit project comes from having taught them how to really use this community so that everyone wins.”

We do work for non-profits in order to give back to the community. It’s a chance to create work for a client that is really appreciative, and for whom we can provide a real service.
​Scott Santoro