Celebrating our differences in Europe on our innovation journey

At Sappi, we’re unlocking the power of trees to make every day more sustainable. By creating a workforce that's genuinely diverse, equitable and inclusive, we're making strides on this innovation journey in Europe and around the world.

Together, we’re building a culture where people thrive in their careers, from the forests and mills to sales and central offices. Where differences are celebrated, and where everyone feels valued and engaged. It’s a culture we’re co-creating with our employees, our business partners and the communities that surround us.

While we’re making good progress, there’s still much to do. In Europe, we’re driving forward with our people in the lead. Employees are playing a vital role in defining our goals and opportunities and sharing about their experiences. 

Making progress in Europe

We’ve been evaluating our recruitment, development and retention practices and proactively seeking ways to foster a more inclusive culture across our operations. This has involved educating our leaders on a range of topics, such as increasing their awareness on how biases potentially play a role in recruitment and selection.   

We also launched a series of ‘Lunch and Learn’ sessions covering themes such as ‘How biases affect the workplace and how to mitigate them’, ‘How to foster an inclusive workplace’ and ‘How can we be more inclusive at Sappi?’ These continuing sessions are helping to create awareness and initiate conversations on how to further embed diversity, equity and inclusion into our company culture.