How can we help you?

Our Lake States Forestry team of foresters is here to assist you in achieving the goals and objectives you have for your woodland.

I am interested in the SNA Lake States Forestry services, so how does it all begin?

To get started, please call us at +1 800-633-2083. We will be happy to discuss your woodland, your plans for the property, and what you'd like us to help you achieve. We can also schedule a date to walk your woodland with you and provide you with a free evaluation.

Do I need to have a timber harvest conducted on my woodland?

Determining if a timber harvest is necessary on your woodland depends on your objectives, as well as the condition of your woodland. In order to assess the condition of your woodland and make accurate recommendations our foresters would need to schedule a date to meet with you and walk through your property.

In some cases a timber harvest will increase the value of your property by removing the low quality and/or biologically mature trees and promoting the younger healthier ones to grow. Additionally timber harvests can enhance the wildlife habitat on your property. For younger woodlands a pre-commercial harvest may serve to your advantage as they can help your property increase yield by speeding up the process. In other cases the best thing to do is leave the woodland to grow until it is ready to be harvested. Our forester can help you with these decisions.

How does conducting a timber harvest work?

Our foresters will work with you to design a timber harvest that meets your objectives. Once a timber harvest plan and contract has been prepared and agreed upon our foresters will layout the areas where your timber will be harvested from on your property. Since there's a variety of different forest equipment used in the Lake States, we take the time to make sure that the right equipment mix will be used on your property. Our foresters will handle all of the interactions with the loggers to ensure all state BMP’s and contract specifications are met.

How do I get paid?

In the Lake State’s "Pay as you cut" is common practice for paying a landowner for their wood. Under this method as your wood delivered it is paid for. We track all of the loads that leave a timber site with a Sappi timber sale trip ticket. Your wood will be paid for based on the delivered volume (weight, cord or MBF). Pricing and conversion rates are all laid out in our contract with you prior to the harvest.

Where does my harvested wood go?

As wood is harvested and brought to the landing, it is sorted by product type (logs, pulp, bolts, fuel) and hardwood/softwood. This helps ensure that your trees are marketed for highest and best use. We work with over 40 different area sawmills, pulp mills and bolt mills to secure the best markets for your secondary wood products. Your hardwood and Aspen pulpwood will come to Sappi, as our Cloquet Mill is a primary receiver of this product.

Do I need a management plan for my woodland?

It will depend on what your goals are for your woodland. If you are interested in managing habitat for certain species (flora and/or fauna), or wish to enroll in your state's tree growth tax program, the American Tree Farm System® (ATFS®), or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) program, you will need a management plan. A management plan identifies your goals, objectives, the physical characteristics of your woodland, and prescriptions for your timber in order to reach your goals.