heaven 42

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heaven 42 allows you to plan and design with a unique white paper – a basis for realising your dreams, accomplishing great achievements and expressing your creativity. Here you will find paper which is as exciting and offers as many opportunities as the earth itself.


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Whitepaper characteristics

  • Absolute whiteness – 155 CIE 
  • Unique surfacewith special haptics
  • Highly pure raw materials
  • Perfect quality
  • High opacity

Print and finishing characteristics

  • Extreme contrast 
  • Good legibility and precise line contours
  • Perfect colour reproductionand finest screen dot definition
  • Calm print image
  • Outstanding runnability and stacking properties
  • High level of rub resistance and optimum ink absorption
  • High level of dimensional stability and flexural strength

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heaven 42 is a registered trademark, produced by Sappi