Have Your Cake—Eat It, Too!


Technology makes our lives more connected, easier, faster and sometimes more organized. But, once in a while, I am delighted to find that some things don’t belong in the digital world. Some things are just meant to be “old school” and flourish quite successfully in their original format. Even though we often try to push everything into a digital world; the tactile, handmade, analog world is alive and, in many scenarios, thriving.

One thing that seems to be hard coded for an analog world is sketchbooks and notebooks. I use one and most creatives I know do too. Moleskine® notebooks have proliferated the market in the last five years—and now include traditional notebooks as well as travel books, combo books, and personalized notebooks. Most designers I know have a shelf filled with notebooks, which they’ve used to capture ideas, doodles, thoughts and important data. No matter how technologically advanced we get, the process of taking pen to paper in a notebook has yet to be completely replaced—it translates our brainpower into a communicable tool. The other day, however, I found a service that will translate a notebook to a digital file and then either recycles the notebook or returns it to the owner. The company is called Mod Notebooks–they call it “a paper notebook that syncs to the cloud.” It takes five days for Mod to translate the files (which seems like a lifetime in our fast-paced world). But, once the notebook is digitized it then lives on in an app that is accessible by phone, tablet or from your desktop. To me, this feels like a nice marriage of old and new—a space where the two co-exist and work together. QR codes have also successfully married analog and digital to create a new experience for the recipient—one that paves the way for easy access to further information and a deeper understanding of a brand, service or product. In both cases, Mod Notebooks and QR Codes, the hybrid collaborations between old-school and new each provide a specific experience that is relevant to the recipient and is therefore successful. I understand and believe that there are things paper can do that digital cannot do—as well. But, I am also intrigued by the concept that the marriage of digital and analog can offer a whole new realm for communication, inspiration, and great ideas. Do you need a new notebook for your great ideas? Sappi has created an inspiring canvas for your “Ideas that Matter” and is giving a copy of our special notebooks to our Sappi etc. readers. Click here to order your very own copy! Does this make sense? Aren’t QR Codes a Fad? Sappi etc. blog post: https://www.sappietc.com/blog/aren%E2%80%99t-qr-codes-fad Sappi’s Print & publication: http://www.na.sappi.com/education/probookshelf/print-and Order your own copy of Sappi’s Ideas That Matter notebook: http://sappi.litorders.com/SelectInventoryList.aspx?Stock_Number=PRO-5976

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