Sometimes, it’s what’s on the surface that counts.

That’s why we engineer HannoArt with superior surface quality that customers simply can’t ignore. This paper exhibits high brightness and vibrancy to create outstanding optics, which makes it ideal for showcasing breathtaking photography and other awe-inspiring imagery that deserves to stand out. On HannoArt, even the smallest details make a sizeable impact.

1. Smooth and silky surfaces.

HannoArt is a stunner. Thanks to its triple-coated surface, this paper’s glossy finish provides excellent visual impact. It also offers an exceptional silk finish that provides a superior and elegant tactile experience, helping to create pieces people remember.

2. Photography that pops off the page.

HannoArt’s blue-white shade and superb brightness create contrast, illuminate highlights and emphasize reflections. This means incredible vibrancy and color renditions that make artwork and photography the center of attention.

3. Defined by the details.

For customers looking for high fidelity, HannoArt is in high demand. The ink sits high on the page, which helps to deliver superior print quality that draws attention to the details. On this paper, reproductions are so spot on you’ll swear you’re staring at the original.

Looks matter, and with HannoArt Sheets, pieces designed to display photos and other high-quality images are guaranteed to look good.

Available In:

  • Gloss
  • Silk