The GalerieArt range of coated and uncoated fine papers gives presence to your print with great versatility and style.

Product Variety
GalerieArt offers a wide choice of surfaces and weights. With recognised consistency across the range, GalerieArt energises and amplifies your messages.

Quality and Consistency
GalerieArt is produced in our European mills meeting the highest quality and environmental standards.

Global Availability
GalerieArt’s tried and tested distribution network ensures that no matter where you need to deliver your message, our paper is available for you.

The definitive paper range, made to perform flawlessly.

Better value with increased bulkiness and opacity, and outstanding print results to match.

Combining glossy images and text on our silk surface allows readers to appreciate the depth of the images and the legibility of the print.

Designed for a high volume matt surface with consistently effective print results.

Distinctively organic in look and feel, this paper choice adds a natural dimension to your communication needs.

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