Galerie Brite Plus Key Features

Galerie Brite Plus is a new high bulk gloss paper offering a game changing innovation for  magazines and direct mail. 

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Galerie Brite Plus thicker lighter icon
1.Thicker and lighter

Galerie Brite Plus offers an increased perceived value through high bulk. Choose between a lower weight publication with the same thickness or a thicker publication with the same weight to significantly reduce paper distribution costs or to increase the thickness without any additional costs. 

Galerie Brite Plus save paper and distribution costs icon
2. Save on paper and distribution costs

As paper is sold in weight but printed in square meters, moving to a lighter basis weight will yield more pages. This means that you can increase distribution for the same cost or, you can reduce overall mailing cost, without affecting thickness or quality. 

Galerie Brite Plus increase advertising revenue icon
3. Increase advertising revenue

Increase revenue through more advertising or product placement pages within the same budget
1 ton of Galerie Brite Plus 60 g/m² would yield 14% more printing surface than 1 ton of 70g/m² standard paper

Galerie Brite Plus Calculator
4. Calculate your savings

The benefit calculator will help you estimate your savings. Explore your business’ savings potential by simply entering your current publication detail to compare using our Galerie range.

5. Revolutionary coating technology

The Spraytec technology produces a unique gloss surface with an enhanced bulky feel to the paper. The result is an uncompromised, high bulk paper with a glossy and even print surface.