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Sappi is a global diversified woodfibre company focused on providing dissolving pulp, packaging and speciality papers, graphic papers, as well as biomaterials and biochemicals to our direct and indirect customer base across more than 150 countries.

Sappi has over 12,800 employees in over 35 countries and manufacturing operations on three continents (ten production facilities in Western Europe, four in North America and five in Southern Africa) which produce approximately:

  • 5.7 million tons per year of paper
  • 2.6 million tons per year of paper pulp, and
  • 1.4 million tons per year of dissolving pulp.

Our market leading range of products is sold and distributed to our direct and indirect customer base across more than 150 countries.

We aim to be a diversified woodfibre group targeting a substantial increase in EBITDA through an expanded product portfolio with increased margins. Our 2020Vision sets various aspirational targets and goals for providing enhanced rewards to all our stakeholders.

Four years into our strategic 2020Vision we have made good progress towards improving profitability, cash generation and growth.
Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited
Our global business strategy
Learn more about our global business strategy to achieve our 2020Vision and beyond.
There’s much more to Sappi than just paper. Our products find uses in thousands of applications, from paper and packaging to textiles and laminates.
Find out about the strategy behind Sappi’s global 2020Vision and our focus on growing as a profitable and cash-generative diversified woodfibre group.

Our senior team members are committed to leading us to success – find out more about their careers and extensive experience.

Built from proud roots in each of our regions, our history has seen us steadily grow into the global, progressive business we are today.
Discover the values that guide us in our everyday practices, inform our decisions and lead us in our strategic plans for the future.
Technology is at the heart of our business – discover how we’re making breakthroughs and discoveries that enrich lives.

The principles of responsible corporate citizenship underpin our business decisions, strategies and processes and are incorporated into our everyday operations.