​Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging

Sappi Paper and Paper Packaging operates three mills and has a production capacity of 690,000 tons of paper and 633,000 tons of paper pulp per annum.

We have a tradition of innovating and developing new products to meet local demand for newsprint, graphic papers, packaging papers used to protect our customers’ products (especially in the agricultural sector) and speciality papers used in the convenience food, confectionery, cosmetic and luxury markets, and tissue paper for household, medical and industrial use in the Southern Africa region.

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Obtenez davantage de renseignements sur le Comité exécutif de Sappi Afrique australe.

Ngodwana Mill produces pulp for own and for market consumption, as well as newsprint, containerboard and dissolving pulp (DP).

Stanger Mill produces pulp for own consumption, as well as coated woodfree paper and tissue wadding.

Tugela Mill produces pulp for own consumption, as well as containerboard and lignosulphonate.

Lomati Sawmill, established in 1971, is a manufacturing plant that produces kiln dried Southern African pine lumber from sawlogs supplied by Sappi Forests.

Sappi Forests ont accès à 534 000 hectares de plantations, dont 394 000 hectares sont détenus ou loués et environ 140 000 hectares font l'objet d'un contrat d'approvisionnement.
Le service Research, Planning and Nurseries de Sappi permet l’approvisionnement rentable et durable en ressources forestières adaptées à l’entreprise.

Sappi ReFibre est la division de fibres recyclées de Sappi Afrique australe et est chargée du recyclage du papier et des produits en papier usagés.

La technologie est au cœur de nos activités; découvrez comment nous réalisons des progrès et des découvertes qui transforment notre quotidien.