Nos engagements à l’échelle mondiale

We hold ourselves accountable to global sustainability best practice standards by transparently measuring, monitoring and communicating our economic, social and environmental performance.

We signed up to the UN Global Compact in 2008, a framework for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anticorruption. We believe that supporting this initiative will help achieve a more sustainable and inclusive global economy and that the UN Global Compact principles complement and build on our existing commitments. We annually provide a comprehensive overview of our performance against these principles in our Group Sustainability Report (See related downloads below).

Our global group and regional targets reflect issues are a key element in our work to enhance our sustainability performance and are detailed in our Group Sustainability Report.

Our Sustainability Charter and group policies (See related downloads below) give all our geographically diverse stakeholders a common blueprint for action.

We report annually on our sustainability performance in our Group Sustainability Report, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards. In addition, we publicly disclose our annual submissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project as well as the Forest Footprint Disclosure Project (See related downloads below). We also publish regional sustainability reports (See related downloads below).

Through the power of One Sappi—committed to collaborating and partnering with stakeholders—we aim to be a trusted and sustainable organisation with an exciting future in woodfibre. We view our suppliers as key business partners who play an important role in helping us realise this vision. Accordingly, we expect them to join our commitment to economic, social and environmental responsibility and to create an environment that replicates our focus on doing business with integrity and courage; making smart decisions which we execute with speed.
Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited

“In line with recommendations and at the request of the UNGC Secretariat, we integrate our communication on the UNGC principles into our sustainability reporting and corporate citizenship communication.

Our annual Communication on Progress Report sets out the manner in which we are doing so and also gives an overview of our alignment with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which came into effect at the beginning of 2016. In keeping with the overarching spirit of the SDGs, our aim is to strengthen the enabling environment for doing business and building markets around the world, thereby addressing the universal need for sustainable development.”

Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Limited

We view stakeholder engagement not as a once-off annual intervention but as an ongoing dynamic process which enables us to respond to the changing nature of issues of interested and affected parties. This enables us to respond to the changing nature of shared priorities of parties who are interested in, and affected by, our business.

To enhance our understanding of, and communication with, our stakeholder groups we consider: expectations, existing relationships, cultural context and capacity to engage (language barriers, IT literacy, access to digital resources). Our approach to engaging with all stakeholder groupings is based on inclusivity and the principles of materiality, relevance, completeness and responsiveness.

A comprehensive overview of our engagement with our stakeholders is available in our Group Sustainability Report.

Les efforts que nous déployons pour améliorer la rentabilité, adopter un positionnement stratégique et réduire la dette nous permettent de créer de la valeur pour nos actionnaires, ce qui entre dans notre engagement pour le développement durable.
Des programmes actifs de citoyenneté d'entreprise répondant aux besoins des communautés dans lesquelles nous opérons garantissent la promotion du développement socio-économique au sein de ces communautés, s'alignant ainsi sur notre stratégie de valeur partagée.
Nous sommes pleinement conscients de vivre dans un monde où les ressources naturelles subissent des pressions croissantes et nous avons pour objectif de réduire notre empreinte environnementale.