Textures & Trends for Fall/Winter 2021-22

Cultural Collab

Embrace a global outlook – but with a reverence for local culture – and look to the past to learn lessons for future designs.  As brands continue to expand and adapt to global markets the core essence of a brand will get reinterpreted in a local vernacular. Bring traditional craft and culture into the future and find new meanings in ancient traditions.

Digital Remaster

Embrace dark drama and reach far back into history to create designs that offer a sense of escapism and protection for a digital future. Blend past, present, and future aesthetics with a mix of physical and digital realities. 

Timeless Elegance

Escape the seasonal trend trap and focus on versatile items designed for everyday utility. Embrace the demands of sustainability as a beautiful constraint on how to implement technology, and use this as a design opportunity for true innovation. Blend the natural elegance of Scandinavian and Japanese design and meld with sustainable design and innovative materials and technology.