Textures & Trends for Fall/Winter 2020/21

Quiet Sanctuary

Combine innovation, sustainability, and natural materials to create fashion looks that are relaxing, inviting, and a retreat from the outside world. Influences are taken from traditional craft and blended with technology that is inspired by the scientific breakthrough, or in some cases is a scientific breakthrough. 

Adaptive Discovery

East meets west in beauty, utility, and elegance. The minimal, utilitarian concepts central to Scandinavian and Japanese design are fused to create a new global aesthetic. Shapes are pared-back, showing beauty in simplicity. Clean lines and uncomplicated forms embrace the fusion of form and function.

Revamped Revival

Reinterpret the past. Art Deco and midcentury motifs are deconstructed and refreshed into new compositions and unexpected placements. Traditional materials and techniques like cane and pleated fabrics are used with a modern approach. Classic vintage and heritage aesthetics are celebrated and reinterpreted with a modern feel to honor the past. Don't reinvent the wheel - refresh it. Breathe new life into archive designs with technical advances to elevate everyday items. Look at unexpected materials, colors, shapes, and patterns for a vibrant approach. 

Textures, trends, and colors for Fall/Winter 2019/20.

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