Trends for Fall/Winter 2019/20

The Villager

The villager trend is all about exploring the world and adventure into uncharted territories. Traveling around the world and experiencing authentic cultures are critical to the villager. Collecting souvenirs and blending them with artifacts and inspirations from multiple cultures and heritages.

The textures and materials in this trend are well-worn quality leathers and textiles. The idea of quality purchases that last and stand the test of time, as well as dependable items that are used for a lifetime, are essential to the villager trend. Luxury adventures through the desert or ancient ruins are also a significant part of the inspiration for the villager.

The Traveler

The traveler is all about luxury, sleekness and sophistication and the ability to visit any corner of the globe at a moment’s notice. Items and attitudes that are purpose-built for efficiency and adaptability are essential to the traveler. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is useful and chic.

The texture and materials for the traveler trend are high-quality and sleek. The idea is that the traveler is the kind of person who has bespoke items, unique high-end design and the means to live a first class lifestyle. Concierge service, premium experience, and unlimited budgets are at the heart of the traveler trend.

The Game Changer

The game changer is the item that sparks a revolution. History has moments that have made whole industries obsolete; the locomotive, the automobile, the computer, the smartphone. The game changer is inspired by breaking molds and conventions, making the impossible possible and inventing new ways of seeing the world and the products we use in it.

The textures and materials for the game changer trend are inspired by futuristic surfaces, ultra-shine and pushing the envelope with technology. Pioneering innovations drive surfaces, material looks and functional aesthetics are tied together harnessing new ideas, processes and revolutionary approaches.

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