Sappi and Frankfurter Brett collaborate to expand use of Sappi Symbio

Sappi Biotech, Frankfurter Brett’s and Kegelmann Technik, announced a new innovation; a sustainable kitchen console made from Sappi Symbio.  Sappi Symbio combines high quality cellulose from woodfibre and thermoplastics. The benefits of Sappi Symbio include a natural look, a soft touch, high rigidity and strength together with a lower environmental footprint.

Frankfurter Brett is well-known for its high-quality cooking and kitchen solutions which are chosen by consumers for durability with and less environmental impact.

Kegelmann Technik produces and delivers parts and products for customers across the automotive, aviation, health and lifestyle industries. They use innovative production technologies in the field of 3D printing and rapid tooling. 

These companies collaborated closely with Sappi to introduce the new console, which is an accessory for the patented cutting board product family. 

“Around the world, people are seeking sustainable, scalable and responsible alternatives to non-renewables. Against this backdrop, together with our partners, we are working to provide powerful everyday solutions made from renewable resources. The new cutting board consoles based on Sappi Symbio highlights the success of this approach,” said Louis Kruyshaar, Executive VP: Sappi Biotech.

“We chose Sappi's material because the feel of the material is very appealing and we think it is important to optimise conventional materials in terms of environmental compatibility. Sappi and Kegelmann have done a very good job realizing our ideas into new products.”

Johannes Schreiter, CEO


About Sappi Symbio

At Sappi we recognise that around the world, people are seeking sustainable, scalable, and responsible alternatives to non-renewables. With our knowledge and competencies, we embrace that opportunity so that every solution we create supports our goal of making everyday products more sustainable. Sappi Symbio is a composite material combining high quality cellulose from wood and thermoplastics that reinforces (bio)plastics and makes them stronger, lighter and more sustainable. Symbio comprises premium cellulose fibres which are well dispersed in a polymer matrix and are tailored for perfect dispersion in most common and biobased thermoplastics. Sappi Symbio is an eco-responsible solution. We use wood originating from responsibly managed forests which are controlled through FSC™ certification (FSC C015022).

About Frankfurter Brett

The Frankfurter Brett is not just a cutting board - it is a really well-organized workplace for the kitchen. With the help of a patented extendable system, containers for waste, ingredients and used kitchen tools can be attached to the cutting board all around. The product family is extended by various other solutions for the kitchen.

About Kegelmann Technik

Since 1989, Kegelmann Technik is a leader in the prototypes, tools and end products. Starting with design, from model to close-to-series prototypes, Kegelmann Technik focuses on 100% process quality, flexibility and speed. Technologies like additive manufacturing, CNC milling or injection molding are used. The certifications according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 (Automotive) document this advantage in terms of product and process quality.