Dust control

Sappi’s lignin is an environmentally friendly dust suppressant which can be used for general dust control in a multitude of industries, as well as, a surface stabiliser for unsealed (gravel) roads.

When applied to a well-constructed and well-drained road, it not only reduces ambient dust levels, but will also increase the longevity and reduce the maintenance cost of the road. It can also be used to reduce dust emissions from large material stockpiles.

Lignin works through three different actions:

  • Surfactant - Lowers the surface tension between liquid and solid particles, acting as a wetting agent and effectively suppressing the tendency of fines to become airborne.
  • Polymeric binder - Acts as a natural glue to bind the fines and aggregates together, and the polymer traps moisture which retards evaporation.
  • Dispersant - Ensures effective dispersion of clay particles in a matrix of fines, resulting in improved plasticity at lower moisture levels, and denser and firmer compaction of road surfaces.

Industry sectors using Lignin:

  • The health, safety and commercial benefits of lignin are well entrenched in the mining sector, where the nature of the mining operations demand a cost-effective solution for safe and productive haulage roads, and with the operation thereof also meeting air quality standards.
  • The agricultural sector, where motorized vehicle activities are responsible for excessive dust emissions, is realising the benefits of dust mitigation programmes.
  • The airborne dust in fruit orchards and packhouses has a negative impact on production yield and fruit quality, and often precious irrigation water is wasted on dust suppression.
  • The forestry sector also realises the positive impact which dust mitigation programmes have, not only for the health and safety for their employees and their propagation activities in their plant nurseries, but also on the wellbeing of adjacent communities.
  • The foundry and steel industry apply lignin to control dust emissions from coal and ore stockpiles.

The benefits of using Lignin:

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Lignin is a major component of wood and is one of the most abundant natural organic wood polymers which provides a multitude of functionalities.

Our lignin is used in a variety of industrial and agricultural areas for various applications.

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