At Sappi, we believe diversity paves the way for innovative thinking and helps to bring about new ideas. That's why we place value on human differences and celebrate the role they play in our business' ability to be competitive, forward thinking and adaptive.

We strive to create an environment where every employee is treated with respect regardless of age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or any other social factor. But we don't just say it – we've put in place several measures to make sure we're a diverse, leading edge business.


Diversity awareness training and personal development

To date, more than 450 managers have participated in labour relations training, which has a focus on diversity. We are also dedicated to developing potential and current employees from diverse backgrounds through our internal talent management process. This includes performance management and development, coaching and mentoring, and succession planning – where potential employees are identified and their development is fast tracked.

Ensuring that our diverse talent is strategically managed means our employees can improve skills, learn more and be given an opportunity to fulfil their full potential.

Our focus is on building a skilled, engaged workforce in which diversity is encouraged and valued, and people are provided with ongoing development opportunities so they can develop to their full potential.
2015 Sappi Southern Africa Sustainability Report
Our recruitment process
We're always looking out for potential recruits to join our talented team – read about our process so you can be prepared if you choose to apply.

Transformation Charter

Diversity management is a key strategic initiative for leading organisations across the globe, which is why we've adopted a Transformation Charter in South Africa.

The charter sets out our commitment to transformation and diversity, with performance measures for managers and details on how to monitor progress made against targets. By designing action plans to overcome any barriers, we can strategically align the structure of our business with transformation in South Africa.

The Human Resources and Transformation Committee of the Board

To ensure the full integration of transformation processes at Sappi South Africa, we've established a Human Resources and Transformation Committee of the Board to focus on issues such as:

  • employment equity
  • preferential procurement
  • social investment
  • community involvement, and
  • equity ownership.


The Committee has established a Transformation Steering Committee, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of Sappi Southern Africa. The steering committee meets twice a year and is made up of representatives from the seven champions of the BBBEE score card pillars, including the Transformation Manager and the Skills and Development Manager.

Employment Equity and Learning Development Forum

This regional forum ensures we achieve our obligation to reach consensus on diversity, skills and development. Meeting quarterly, the forum is established through an election or nomination process within the various constituencies. It comprises officials from each of the three recognised trade unions, shop stewards, and representatives of people with disabilities, as well as management appointed representatives.

In addition, all business units within South Africa have established local forums with the aim of ensuring effective consultation on conducting audits, and the implementation of employment equity and skills development plans.

We want you to feel valued and motivated, which is why you'll enjoy a range of benefits when you join Sappi.

Our employees are key to our success, which is why we offer them plenty of opportunities to learn and grow with us.