What is Sappi Cup?

Sappi Cup is a table football competition organised by Sappi Europe.

For Sappi and the contestants alike, it is an exciting way to engage and network with industry peers, such as publishers and printers across Europe. After the regional qualification rounds the local winning teams of 2 Sappi customers played the Sappi Cup Final in Brussels.

How does it work?

1. The qualifying rounds

The qualifying rounds are organised by the Sappi sales offices. In 2019 all regional events will take place until the beginning of April 2019.

2. The final event

All sales offices have one or two teams qualifying, depending where they are based. These local teams play against each other during the final organized by Sappi.

3. The winners

The 6 players of the top 3 teams will be offered a ticket to the 2019 UEFA Champions League.