Dissolving wood pulp

Sappi Specialised Cellulose, a division of Sappi, is the world’s largest manufacturer and seller of dissolving wood pulp (DWP).

With a total global DWP capacity of 1.4 million tons, we currently supply 17% of global demand from our three mills located in Southern Africa and North America.

A truly sustainable raw material, DWP is noted for its versatility. We’re innovators in this market – capitalising on years of experience to create personalised solutions for customers across multiple sectors.

From textiles to pharmaceuticals and food applications, Sappi has the expertise, technology and track record to meet almost any challenge from these DWP market segments.

DWP is produced from a sustainably renewable wood source to meet an array of global needs – from textiles to industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

Find out more about the mills where Sappi Specialised Cellulose produces DWP in Southern Africa and North America.

Our strategic vision for Sappi Specialised Cellulose is to grow through differentiation.

We expect demand to continue to grow, and we strive to serve our customers with unmatched quality, consistency and scale. The long-term market fundamentals for dissolving wood pulp are still very attractive. Our competitive position provides us with the platform to grow the business further.
Steve Binnie, Chief Executive Officer, Sappi Limited