Looking after employee and community health

Looking after employee and community health in South Africa

In many isolated rural areas in South Africa, there is limited access to formal clinics and hospitals.

Sappi Forests is helping to close this gap with three strategically placed occupational and primary health care clinics for the use of their employees and contractor employees at the sites with the highest volume of employees. Clinics are open daily and are staffed by four occupational health nursing practitioners and two nursing assistants.

In KwaZulu-Natal, the clinics are situated at Highflats plantation and Clan Nursery. In Mpumalanga, the clinic is based at Ngodwana Nursery with staff making regular visits to Escarpment Nursery. In addition, to increase accessibility, and provide a service to our widely spread staff complement, satellite clinic services are provided to various sites throughout both provinces. On average, the clinics treat 570 people a month.

Focused healthcare

Employees and contractor employees are provided with healthcare through initiatives driven in collaboration with private and state institutions. These include HIV- and TB- testing, as well as dental,

vision and mental assessments, together with pap-smears, vaccinations and circumcision campaigns which are run from worksites. This approach increases the uptake of testing and improves long term management of conditions which require ongoing monitoring and care. The collaborative service with government institutions has reduced the Sappi’s cost for the provision of HIV medication to employees. However, Sappi covers the cost of pathology testing. For more information about our management of HIV/AIDS in Sappi, please refer to our FAQs on HIV/AIDS.

Financial management support

In addition to wellness programmes, Sappi also offers employees financial management support programmes.