Doing more with less at Kirkniemi Mill

Resource efficiency is key in all operations at Kirkniemi Mill. We make more efficient use of resources throughout the life cycle of our products, starting with product development.

Sappi has launched a product from the Kirkniemi Mill based on the new Spraytec coating technology. With the technology, the product has a unique combination of high bulk and gloss. The customer can choose a lower paper base weight while maintaining the thickness and feel of their publication. The printed product becomes lighter and less tonnage of paper is needed.  

Thanks to Kirkniemi's own product development work, the environmental impact during the product's life cycle is reduced when less raw material is used to produce a printing surface that meets the customer's needs, and the environmental impact of its transportation and final product distribution is reduced. The introduction of new coating technology has also reduced the need for drying energy on the machine line. 

Janne Lehtimäki, Process and Quality Manager at Kirkniemi Mill explains: 

“Our revolutionary product development is key to the Mill's 'eco-effective' acheivements. We invest in continuous improvement and constantly strive to discover and integrate new technology. And the environment is the big winner."