Versatile, acrylic-coated décor paper. Ideal for high-wear environments and applications. Arrio is a perfect solution for decorative and functional surfaces on furniture, work surfaces, kitchen cabinetry, and more.

Arrio is created using our patented process, allowing textures to be completed at a macro or nanometer level, resulting in extraordinarily detailed, realistic surfaces with multiple gloss effects, varying depths, and visible contrast. Sappi’s manufacturing process opens up a unique range of texture and surface possibilities. 

A uniquely adaptable, acrylic-coated, surface solution, Arrio delivers consistent, premium haptics, remarkable aesthetics, and scratch and fingerprint resistance for high-wear surfaces. 

By locking textures into a durable acrylic finished surface, Arrio offers a superior surface to conventional melamine in aesthetics and performance. Unlike surfaces produced with an excimer process, Arrio finished surfaces are 100% consistent in texture, gloss, touch, and function – order to order. 



A perfect match of surface design aesthetics for multiple surfacing materials and manufacturing techniques. Texture and gloss remain consistent across different production runs and manufacturing processes.


Robust fingerprint and scratch resistance that is engineered to meet EN438 performance standards for high-wear and high-touch surfaces. Superior haptics include super matte, smooth touch, and high color intensity surfaces. Arrio is also suitable for single-radius wrapping applications. 


Leverage Sappi’s expertise in acrylic surfaces


The durable acrylic surface extends product lifetime and does not require application or removal of protective film layers, thus reducing manufacturing costs and waste.

Lower Investment Costs

Arrio finished surfaces offer significantly lower investment costs than glued and pressed finished surfaces due to manufacturers’ savings and efficiencies in the handling, shipping, and layup processes. Reductions in labor and increases in speed also help reduce production costs. Texture and gloss availability and stability lower capital and production costs as well.


Arrio is now available in Matte Haven, a flat, matte, soft-touch texture, and Saffron, an undulating woodgrain texture with a clean and graphic appeal. The silky smooth haptics of these textures is paired with tough EN 438-rated high-wear and scratch-resistance. Available in matching black and gray, these flat and textured surfaces can be paired for complementary designs.

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Arrio has a robust, uniquely designed, acrylic surface. The single-use product creates a durable, high-wear surface when applied to MDF or particleboard substrates. Arrio provides a high-quality, very matte, fingerprint-resistant, high wear finished surface. The absence of a protective foil provides improved manufacturing efficiency and flexibility and reduces inventory costs.