​Act Now!

Sappi’s complete reference guide—Act Now!—explores exciting ways to take advantage of this powerful marketing channel. It explains the method behind the madness, detailing the whys, hows, and don’ts of direct mail, and teaching you how to run an even more effective campaign with unparalleled impact in just five easy steps.

Step 1: Know your target audience

Marketing is all about getting your message in front of the right people, and direct mail is no different. Thankfully, given that almost everyone has an address, the audience for mail is expansive. Coordinating your marketing technique with your intended audience—a process made easier by today’s sales technology—will allow you to easily tailor your message to potential customers.

As you learn how to create or acquire a list of contacts and ensure your data is accurate, you’ll be ready to tailor your next direct mail campaign to your target audience.

Section 2: Manage your message

Knowing the “who” you are targeting allows you to focus on the “what” of your strategy, beginning with the message. Learn how to carefully choose your words and structure to powerfully draw interest and appropriately call customers to action.

Inextricably linked to your language is your choice of design (font, imagery, and content) and format (from postcards to periodicals), both of which will further your objective while heightening the recipient’s interest.

Section 3: Learn through style & error

In direct mail marketing, the substance of the message is directly related to the style in which it is presented. This means paying close attention to the method used to print your mail piece and the quality of the paper on which it is printed. Choosing wisely allows you to use design techniques that can add sensory, technological, and surprise elements to your campaign.

In fact, our Opus PS paper is designed specifically with direct mail in mind, offering superior glue-ability, fold-ability and caliper guarantees for predictable postage costs. Plus, it strikes just the right balance between brightness and shade to deliver maximum impact in your mailer.

Section 4: Play the markets

Synergy plays a big part in getting the most out of direct mail. Sappi’s Act Now! A Better Response to Direct Mail teaches you how coordinating the mail message with the communications from all of your marketing channels can expand the reach and scope of your campaign. Constantly managing the mailing through testing and tweaking, you can learn how to control expectations and outcomes.

What’s more, synchronizing your financial information with your response can help you quantify your campaign costs and ensure your direct mailing stays on track.

Section 5: Track your progress

With your direct mailing sent out, data should start coming back in via the tracking methods—from point of sales markers and telephone calls to QR Codes and website hits—you’ve employed. This information should include expenses, the number of responses and sales figures, all of which can be used to determine the campaign’s all-important return on investment. Beyond determining ROI, these numbers can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of every aspect of your mailing so that your next direct mail effort reaches its full potential.

Make sure your direct mail campaign is measuring up to its potential with Sappi’s Act Now! A Better Response to Direct Mail.

In an increasingly virtual world, tangible forms of communication can cut through the noise and have significant impact, and because of this, the value of mail should not be underestimated. The power of print combined with smart design elements that will increase engagement – folding, coating, integrated technology – is what makes direct mail more memorable for the recipient, and also shine in the marketing mix.
Jennifer Miller, Chief Sustainability Officer, Sappi North America
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