Community Engagement

We take great pride in the local footprint we've created in the communities in which we operate.

Sappi’s history within North America dates back to the 1850s, and it’s no surprise our civic involvement has also been active from the very beginning. Our strategy for engagement continues to evolve, and we've made great progress by building on the strength of our Sustainability Ambassador program, a branch of our sustainability governance dedicated to employee and community engagement.

We strive to integrate activities with our overall business objectives and find synergies that link our efforts to create competitive advantage for Sappi. From creating a stronger social license to operate to establishing customer loyalty and attracting talent, we know that these efforts pay off in the long run for our company.

Strong collaboration between Sappi and local institutions, organizations and partners reflects Sappi’s commitment to support the community. In turn, the community is able to fulfill more needs in areas such as research, education and the environment, creating a positive cycle of mutual benefits.