​Communication promotes understanding of our business

Our communication materials are aimed at giving our stakeholders insight into our financial and non-financial performance.

The issues and indicators we cover in our communication materials reflect our significant economic, environmental, and social impacts, and those we believe would substantively influence the assessments and decisions of investors. The materiality of the information presented has been determined on the basis of extensive ongoing engagement with our stakeholders and has been assessed against the backdrop of current business operations, as well as prevailing trends in our industry and the global economy.

In addition to our quarterly reports, Annual Integrated Report and annual Group Sustainability Report, following feedback from our stakeholders that they were looking for more in-depth regional information, we also publish regional sustainability reports in Europe, North America and South Africa.

We hold ourselves accountable to global sustainability best practice standards by transparently measuring, monitoring and communicating our economic, social and environmental performance.

Our certifications ensure that our performance is monitored and that our operations comply with global best practice.