Welcome to “Sidebar”, the new Sappi etc. blog.


Welcome to “Sidebar”, the new Sappi etc. blog.

I look forward to this being a meeting place for us to get together to talk about all sorts of graphic arts topics. Sometimes design, sometimes print, sometimes marketing, sometimes new technology. There is so much for us to talk about. One of the things that I have come to realize as I travel throughout North America is that there's just not enough time to have that moment we all want to be able to have that interpersonal communications on a face to face level. While I appreciate that this is a digital format I hope we can use it nonetheless to fill in those gaps and at that exchange. Recently, Sappi Fine Paper rebranded the etc. division of its Sales & Marketing Group. etc. (education, training, consulting) was created in 2004. It is, by its mission, one of the value-added services and programs offered to the graphic arts community to enhance, inspire, educate and promote print and print related endeavors. It includes our Print Technical Services team, Dr. Laura Thompson with her focus and emphasis on sustainability and environmental topics as well as the numerous seminars on a wide variety of topics that I am involved with. As you may know, Dr. Laura has her own very interesting on-line blog, plus the beautifully designed and printed the eQ Journal, along with her seminar topics with which she tours North America and. The Print Technical Services team offers amazing technical consulting services both over the phone and in person, along with a wide array of technical discussions, aimed primarily at the printers’ back-of-the-house (said with enormous respect and fondness: topics such as ghosting, Ink set time, slurring, paper performance, ink performance, mottling, and overall press performance issues. There will be times when I asked my colleagues to offer thoughts, topics, and perspective in our conversations. There are so many fascinating aspects to our industry. I want us to be able to discuss, share, and develop through our conversation about it. I welcome your input, questions, observations about our industry, and suggestions for future topics. I like to work in a Socratic format, that is to say, I speak to you, you speak to me, we speak to one another as a community. To that end, In each blog I will share some of my favorite links to other authors who I think are making an enormous contribution to the conversation and who I think are fighting the good fight. Because of my intense love of paper, not just for printing, but as a vital art component, I would like to also share links, books, and paper artists/sculptors who are doing extraordinary work using paper as their basic medium. I think this blog will give us all an opportunity, even though it is in a digital format, to add a bit of humanity back into our art and craft. Does that make sense?

Sappi etc.

Welcome to Sappi etc. Education. Training. Consulting. And more. Get industry perspectives and learn about Sappi’s programs for creatives, printers and marketers.


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