Appeals to all the senses: Metal effect meets Sappi paperboard

Illoom Lookbook 02

Sappi's Algro Design boosts presentation of metallic pigments for ECKART’s illoom.-LookBook

Soft and smooth on the outside, luxurious and classy on the inside: the illoom.-LookBook, a joint effort between speciality paper manufacturer Sappi and effect pigment provider ECKART, hits the bullseye. The brilliant white SBS paperboard, Algro Design from Sappi shows off the illoom. metal effects so well that it is hard to put the sample box down.

The classy marketing piece with high-quality inlay patterns, printed on 300 g/m2 Algro Design Duo was created to give designers, brand manufacturers and packaging converters the opportunity to delve into a world of metal effects, engaging all the senses. It will enable them to discover the new possibilities ECKART effect pigments can offer their various print projects in packaging, branding and marketing.

“The illoom.-LookBook is designed to inspire brand owners and designers, giving them a playful impression of the kinds of effects and finishing techniques that can be created using metallic finishes on a wide variety of packaging types,” says Christoph Sontheimer, Business Development Manager, Marketing & Technical Services at ECKART. “From the very first printed samples, it became obvious that the brilliant white Algro Design perfectly displayed our metal effect pigments.” In addition to the sample box, a variety of illoom-fandecks are available, showing metallic and gold effects on different substrates using offset, flexo, gravure, screen and digital printing. Algro Design was also used for the pleasantly soft cover page for the fandecks.

An appealing alternative to hot and cold foils
Specially selected majestic animal images in the illoom-LookBook create a visual representation of what can be achieved with ECKART metal effects using different printing techniques. Whether in flexo, gravure or offset using UV-curable, solvent-, water- or oil-based inks – the sample box demonstrates optically striking metal effects as well as an attractive metallic premium design. Breathtaking print effects are shown on 10 effect sheets using the four ECKART pigment types – metalure, platindollar, silverdollar and cornflake. Clearly presented and separated by sheet tabs, the various effects were created to inspire designers as they leaf through the sheets. It clearly demonstrates that Sappi’s SBS paperboard Algro Design is the ideal carrier material to guarantee highest precision, value and consistent quality with these outstanding effect pigments.

In addition, print finishing using ECKART metal effects is highly efficient compared with substrate-specific effect techniques, such as metallised paper and paperboard, as well as hot and cold foil stamping. In other words, this kind of realistic visualisation presents an effective and cost-effective alternative to hot and cold foil stamping, allowing brands and designers to more cost-efficiently upgrade designs using metal effects. This makes effect pigments an indispensable tool for designers and agencies to set them apart from the competition. Sappi and ECKART are ready: 2,000 sample boxes have been produced and are now being shipped worldwide to educate and inspire the creative and converting communities.


ECKART is part of the ALTANA Group and develops and produces metal effect and pearlescent pigments that are sold and distributed in more than 70 countries. The product portfolio comprises the full range of pigments in powder, paste and pellet form, metallic concentrates, dispersions and printing inks. ECKART products are used in the print and varnish, plastic and light weight concrete industries, as well as cosmetics production. The products can be used in offset, gravure, flexo as well as screen and digital printing.

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