Ambassadors for Sustainability in North America

In the communities where we work, we plant seeds of change and opportunity that enhance people’s everyday lives. Our goal is also to be a great place to work where all people are inspired in their role and empowered to grow to their full potential. Our sustainability ambassadors are key to deliver on this promise.

We take great pride in the local footprint we have created in the communities where we operate. Sappi’s history in North America dates back to the 1850s, and it is no surprise our civic involvement has been active here since the very beginning. 

Today our Sustainability Ambassadors carry on this tradition, building relationships between Sappi and local communities that respond to local needs. From environment and education to health and welfare, Sustainability Ambassadors enable Sappi to plant seeds of change and opportunity that enhance people’s everyday lives.

Their role is formalised in our corporate governance, chartered with supporting communications, training and community outreach events. They are truly integral to our leadership team, attending annual meetings to ensure employee perspectives and community needs are understood and acted on. 

Working with Sandy Taft, Director of Sustainability in North America, Ambassadors regularly meet to discuss ideas, share best practices, promote our sustainability story and more. “Truly our ‘boots on the ground’, our Ambassadors show how a career at Sappi can pay it forward in local communities”, explains Sandy. “They are fundamental to realising our sustainability promise.”