Algro Baress®

This glossy one-side coated paper boasts good printing characteristics for a wide range of flexible packaging applications, mainly for offset print.

Good optical appearance
Excellent colour reproduction
Good ink adhesion
Accelerated ink drying
Suitable for all types of varnishing
Ideal for embossing
glossy surface
suitable for offset, flexo and gravure printing
no added OBA
receptive to varnishing and embossing
suitable for metallising
ISEGA certified for direct food contact and DIN EN 71 safety of toys
machine glazed base
Print Process
Conversion Process
Product type
Flexible Packaging
Coated Papers
bags and shoppers
non-food consumer goods
Food safe
The producing mill is DIN EN 15593 certified, Management of hygiene in the production of packaging for foodstuffs.
The producing mill is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, FSC® and PEFC™ Chain-of-Custody certified and EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme) registered
These paper grades are recyclable and available as FSC® and PEFC™ certified on request.
Grammage (gsm)
Sheets and Reels 80g/m²
End Uses
  • Confectionery wrapper
  • Food/snack wrapper
  • Flat bag
  • Seed bag
  • Detergent bag
  • Carrier and shopping bag
  • Cigarette softpack

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