Adams Lithographing Company

Printer of the Year winner in '18, '14, '11, '10, '02

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Adams Lithographing Company
2210 Chapman Road
P.O. Box 23865
Chattanooga, TN 37422-2386
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2018 Printer of the Year Awards

  • Gold (Catalogs-Sheet), 2017 Tarkett Soft Surface Product Guide

For over a century, Adams Lithographing Company has cultivated a customer experience of high craftsmanship, reliability and unparalleled service. But we are not resting on our laurels. As Chattanooga's first FSC certified printer, we have reduced waste, increased efficiency and maximized resources as a part of our preparation for a strong future.

Adams has quietly and consistently crafted quality print products for a diverse spectrum of clients. In an industry famous more for its mistakes and errors, Adams is known for its mastery of product and dependability of service.

We are a master printer and a dependable partner.

Adams has been committed to consistency, accuracy and repeatability since our beginning. We continue that commitment through comprehensive and precisely calibrated color management profiles, proof-to-press matching and printer-to-printer consistency.

Our work is consistent. First, by utilizing Heidelberg presses exclusively we are able to utilize the same plates and process for each press. Second, both proofer and presses use a G7-calibrated color management profile and spectrophotometers to ensure that the proof matches the press and a job is consistent regardless of which press it is run on.

Our work is accurate. The G7 method is one part of our comprehensive color management process. This process makes job accuracy easier and more efficient from creative to the fulfillment. Thanks in part to the G7 method, we have above average make-ready times. This means we use fewer chemicals, and waste less material.

Our work is repeatable. We maintain detailed records on each job and as a result we are able to produce re-runs which match the original run much more closely than was previously possible. And once again, because our presses match our proofs, the customer can be assured the re-run will be as good as the first run.

We designed and constructed our current facility in 1993 to maximize effective production through efficient workflow. Because of this, we can and do complete over ninety-five percent of our jobs in-house. We have complete supervision and control over product from pre-press to fulfillment. Doing the vast majority of our work in-house allows for more honest assessments of deadlines, press times and more timely decision making in general.

We recognize our capabilities and limitations as a printer and will not accept a job if we cannot fulfill our promise to complete the job as ordered in the time frame given.

We have cultivated a customer experience of high craftsmanship, reliability and unparalleled service. Our clients know we are a dependable source for print product of the highest quality.