ACTEGA Terra and Sappi photo wall calendar has big impact

ACTEGA, Europe's leading manufacturer of overprint varnishes, has once again used Sappi's premium Algro Design® Card carton board for its popular calendar


It has become an annual institution; and in 2016, the popular photo wall calendar from ACTEGA Terra GmbH, first issued five years ago, will once again showcase the variety of possible finishes with Terra special coatings on Sappi's bright white cellulose Algro Design Card carton board. In previous years, the calendar images have focused on views of the world from above, but this year it is all about the fascinating underwater world “Under the deep blue sea”, acting as a high-quality presentation medium for ACTEGA Terra customers around the globe.

Sappi - ACTEGA Terra wall calendar 2016 - Image: The new ACTEGA Terra wall calendar and Sappi have again big impact.

"Our customers, especially those in the package printing industry, have very high expectations”, says Timo Kondziela, Head of Marketing at ACTEGA Terra GmbH in Lehrte, Germany. “To ensure that the calendar appeals to these discerning customers, we again chose to use a high-quality packaging carton board from Sappi instead of graphic paper. It was our intention to build a contrast to the typically used photo papers.” The brilliant white surface of Algro Design Card (235 g/m2) allows printing inks and coatings to be perfectly reproduced with clear structures and vivid colours. It is the perfect foundation for the eye-catching mix of matt, gloss and other special effects such as drip-off, pearlescent, structure, metallic and UV- and water-based finishes. As a new feature, ACTEGA Terra has also introduced a magnetic coating for 3D effects on the calendar's transparent front cover. The new coating generates 3D effects – in only one coating unit. With the help of metallic pigments, that are aligned magnetically, unique effects with a fascinating depth effect will occur.

The Algro Design Card sheets were offset-printed on a six-colour KBA Rapida 105 Pro and then finished with Rudolf Reproflex coating plates in an inline and offline process, depending on the extent of each coating. Every month of the calendar demonstrates a different finishing technique. "We want to show our customers that high quality finishes can be achieved with standard printing configurations, without the need for special equipment," Timo Kondziela adds.

Choosing the best carton board

The choice of carton board or paper has a significant effect on the perception of the finish, which must support a wide range of features in high-quality packaging and commercial printing. The surface finish of the substrate determines the print and finish compatibility, contrast, gloss and legibility. Ink application, colour wear resistance and running properties are also affected by the finish. The fibre content of the carton board – whether mechanical or chemical, wood-based or wood-free, short or long fibres – affects yellowing, opacity, rigidity, crack resistance, tensile strength, elasticity and dimensional stability. Finally, the weight of the substrate affects the running properties, sensory appeal, rigidity and opacity of the finished product.

For ACTEGA Terra, who wants its premium calendar to generate both kudos and impact, Sappi Algro Design Card chemical pulp carton board made from virgin fibres is the ideal substrate, guaranteeing maximum precision, high quality and consistent quality. The high quality of the carton board, its surface feel, and most importantly, its brilliant white finish and even surface, combine to produce sharper, livelier printed images, ensuring greater contrast whilst giving an impression of greater space.

ACTEGA Terra GmbH, headquartered in Lehrte, Germany (near Hanover), is Europe's market leader in overprint varnishes. Specialising in water-based coatings, UV coatings, special effect coatings and coatings based on sustainable raw materials, ACTEGA Terra develops and produces a broad product range for packaging, labels and commercial printers. The company offers coatings for carton, paper, films and more, which can be used with offset, screen and flexo printing.

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