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Nijmegen Mill

Our mill

Nijmegen Mill (The Netherlands) is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of coated fine paper in reels, specifically designed for heatset web offset printing, as well as special coated fine paper for use in digital printing.
The mill operates a single paper machine, which uses the most up-to-date manufacturing and control technologies. The paper made at Nijmegen Mill is composed of imported elementary chlorine-free pulp and mill broke to obtain high levels of opacity and brightness. A complete new on-line double coating concept of film-coaters, combined with fountain-coaters, guarantees an optimal coating application process. The smooth and appealing surface of the gloss paper is achieved on the two off-line supercalenders.
Conveyors move the reels safely around the finishing area to the automatic packaging line and storage areas.
Located at cross-roads of water-ways and highways, the mill is ideally situated to receive incoming raw materials and well positioned to provide fast and efficient deliveries to customers throughout Europe.
On 30 September 2013 Sappi announced that it will start consultations regarding the future of its Nijmegen mill. For more in-depth information regarding this, please go here.
Products produced Capacity paper (tpa)​ Capacity pulp (tpa)​
Coated woodfree paper​ 240,000​

Our products

Nijmegen Mill produces the well-known Royal Roto brand, renowned for its excellent printability and runability. Royal Roto is a classic coated fine paper giving optimum printability to the fastest web printers.
Print jobs look luxurious on Royal Roto, whether for fashion magazines, company brochures, product publications or high quality direct-mail catalogues. The paper is available in three surfaces - matt, silk and brilliant - and in grammages from 90 to 170g/m².

Our milestones

  • Nijmegen Mill is the first paper mill in The Netherlands to receive the ISO 50.001 Energy Certificate.
  • ​Nijmegen Mill exists 100 years.
  • March - New roll wrapping machine commissioned​.
  • Mill undergoes an upgrade, increasing capacity by 40,000 tons per annum​.
  • December - Operations begin at the mill​.

Our environment

It is our policy to generate economic returns necessary to maintain a sustainable business in such a way that we continue to minimise our impact on the environment, encourage the development of our people and contribute to the communities in which we operate.
Quality at Nijmegen Mill is a round-the-clock issue:
  • Raw materials are finely selected and controlled.
  • The on-line process systems are continuously monitoring the process.
  • Customer requirements are carefully studied and form the basis of all improvement programmes.
  • Stringent management systems are applied for production quality, the environment, safety and working conditions.

The workforce at the mill forms a close-knit and highly trained team. Group motivation is built through regular training and leads to high efficiency levels, top quality and a high concern for personnel safety.

Our people recognise the importance of environmental care and are proud of their EMAS certification achieved through:
  • Using all natural resources in the most efficient and economical way,
  • Recovering and re-using paper,
  • Purifying water in the biological waste water treatment plant, and
  • Optimising energy use through the combined heat and power plant.

The mill operates to strict ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50.001 and EMAS procedures.

Sappi Fine Paper Europe was the first paper company in the world to achieve multi-site, cross-border group Chain of Custody certification. All Sappi Fine Paper Europe mills and its sales organisations hold Chain of Custody certificates for both Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes; these certifications provide proof from third-party certification bodies that the wood and fibre we use come from sustainable and controlled sources.
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