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Lanaken Mill

Our mill

The Lanaken Mill holds a unique position within Sappi Europe in that it is the only integrated pulp and paper mill producing a range of coated mechanical and coated fine papers for heat set web offset printing.
The mill is a complete purpose-built integrated mill using the most up-to-date technologies to make coated fine papers and consists of a pulp plant, two paper making and coating lines (PM7 and PM8), an additional off-line coater (CM7) and comprehensive sheeting and finishing facilities.
An integrated chemi-thermo mechanical pulp (CTMP) plant uses pre-heated woodchips to obtain strong fibrous pulp, which is then peroxide bleached to obtain the highest grades of mechanical pulp.
Situated alongside the Albert Canal in the north-east of Belgium, the mill is ideally placed to receive raw materials with ease and deliver products to customers throughout Europe.
Products produced Capacity paper* (tpa)​ Capacity pulp* (tpa)​
Bleached chemi-thermo mechanical pulp for own consumption ​170,000
Coated mechanical paper​, coated woodfree paper 510,000​

* Capacity at maximum continuous run rate.


Our products

The coated paper made at Lanaken Mill is composed of on-site produced mechanical pulp blended with imported, chlorine-free chemical pulp and broke to manufacture papers with high opacity and brightness.
The mill offers a range of quality coated fine heatset weboffset (woodfree and mechanical) papers in reels under the Royal press, Royal xpress and Royal roto brand names, in substances ranging from 60 gsm to 170 gsm.
Lanaken papers are ideal for high-volume heatset web offset printing applications such as magazines, brochures and catalogues.

Our milestones





  • Lanaken Mill and Maastricht Mill continue as separate entities with their own management teams


  • Lanaken and Maastricht mills re-united under one name and direction: Sappi Limburg.
2000 - 2006
  • Several rebuilds of major machine parts of production lines, including upgrade, speed-up, capacity and quality improvement.
  • Sappi acquires and integrates KNP Leykam​.
  • KNP BT Paper divisions merge with Austrian Paper manufacturer Leykam Murztaler > KNP Leykam​.
  • Merger of KNP, BT and VRG > Holding KNP BT.
  • Construction and start-up of CM7 (triple coated).
  • ​Start-up CTMP pulp plant (two refining lines); Third line - 1989; Fourth line - 2003 > 100% self-covering.
  • ​Start-up of PM8 in Lanaken (LWC paper).
  • ​Start-up of PM7; the first machine worldwide with on-line coating facilities.
  • ​Plans by KNP to expand are limited by its location in Maastricht.
  • KNP invests in a greenfield operation in Lanaken.

Our environment

It is our policy to generate economic returns necessary to maintain a sustainable business in such a way that we continue to minimise our impact on the environment, encourage the development of our people and contribute to the communities in which we operate.
A skilled and highly motivated workforce is our key resource and the mill operates a constant programme of personnel development and motivation through training, teamwork and communication.
Maximisation of the production and logistic efficiencies within the mill is achieved through the mill information and control system (MICS) operating in tandem with the latest SAP computerised ordering systems. 
Sappi cares for the nature and the environment around its mill and Lanaken Mill exemplifies this concern.
Nothing is wasted at Lanaken Mill:
  • Outflow is carefully recovered and re-utilised and the mill is committed to the most rational and efficient use of energy and raw materials.
  • Process water is purified on-site and even the sludge from the water purification is re-used.
  • For its pulp production the mill only uses the waste wood of forest thinnings and the waste of sawmills.
  • All wood waste at the mill is recovered for agricultural or fibreboard purposes.

In addition, the unique combined heat/power plant (CHP) at the mill yields energy efficiencies of over 80%.

The Lanaken Mill operates to strict ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and EMAS procedures.
Sappi Europe was the first paper company in the world to achieve multi-site, cross-border group Chain of Custody certification. All Sappi Europe mills and its sales organisations hold Chain of Custody certificates for both Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) schemes; these certifications provide proof from third-party certification bodies that the wood and fibre we use come from sustainable and controlled sources.

 Contact details


Communications Manager
Irmgard Pinxt
Tel: +32 (0)89 719 955

Postal and delivery address
2 Montaigneweg
Industriezone 2 020
3620 Lanaken

 Jobs at Lanaken Mill

​Interested in joining our location, please have a look at our vacancies or apply spontaneously at
Any questions you might have are also welcome.

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