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How can paper give your images a true natural reflection? Sappi Tauro adds a special intensity to your photos thanks to an exceptional level of print quality. Reproduce a picture on Sappi Tauro and you’ll receive warmth, class and natural beauty in return. If you require an extraordinary touch, you’ll get real-life results on uncoated paper.

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-  Give your communication a vivid and natural expression
-  Create added value when nature and natural beauty are involved
-  Benefit from an enhanced productivity level, even on XXL presses
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-  Uncoated fine paper
-  For printing in sheet-fed and heatset web offset
-  Natural texture
-  Exceptional bulk and stability

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Do your publications create a world of sophisticated designs, fine taste and the latest trends? Sappi Tauro stimulates your creativity and reveals a natural atmosphere. Prominent brands in fashion, food and outdoor equipment prefer the pure touch it radiates making Sappi Tauro the natural choice for publications.
Tauro sheetsTauro reels
Sheet fed printingHeat set web offset printing
80g/m², 90g/m², 100g/m², 110g/m², 120g/m², 140g/m², 150g/m², 170g/m², 190g/m², 250g/m², 300g/m²80g/m², 90g/m², 100g/m², 110g/m², 120g/m², 140g/m², 150g/m², 170g/m², 190g/m², 250g/m²
Illustrated books, Product brochures, Catalogues, Annual reports, Comics, Manuals, Price listsComics, Product brochures, Illustrated books, Catalogues, Annual reports, Manuals, Price lists
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